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Homemade Peacock Costume
A homemade peacock costume is a fun look that is simple to put together. They can be customized for any age or gender. Dressing up for Halloween is often among a person's favorite memories of their childhood. CLICK ON THIS IMAGE FOR SPECIAL KIT. Trick or treating and attending Halloween parties, parades and costume contests dressed as a favorite character, animal or fantasy creature is magical. [...]
Catwoman Costume
A Catwoman costume makes you a sexy villain who walks a fine line between good and evil in the Batman comic book series. The Catwoman character has been featured on the Batman television series and in several movies, including "Catwoman", which focused on the character and was portrayed by Halle Barry. In addition to Halle Barry, Catwoman has been portrayed by Julie Newmar, Lee Meriweather, Eartha [...]
Cleopatra Costume
A popular choice for Halloween has been the Cleopatra costume for many generations. Cleopatra was a dynamic ruler of ancient Egypt. She was involved in many scandals, including affairs with Roman leaders Julius Cesar and Marc Anthony. Cleopatra's dramatic look makes her a perfect historical character to dress up as for Halloween. Click Here for COMPLETE DETAILS ON CLEOPATRAS COSTUMES Cleopatra Costume [...]
Flapper Costume
Click Me A  flapper costume is a classic Halloween costume choice for girls and women of all ages. Flappers were young woman in the 1920's whose attire, style, attitude and views of the world were very different from that of traditional women of other generations. Flappers wore clothing that was more form fitting and shorter than what was previously acceptable for a woman. Flappers cut their hair [...]
Gypsy Costume
Click Me A gypsy costume is a great idea for Halloween. A child of any age or an adult can dress as a gypsy. A gypsy costume is more common for females, but males can also be gypsies. Gypsies wear a lot of bold colors and rich textures. They love jewelry. It is a fun costume for someone who loves glamor, but wants to stand out from the crowd a bit. Click Here for COMPLETE DETAILS ON GYPSY COSTUMES !! [...]
Jessica Rabbit Costume
  Dressing up in a Jessica Rabbit Costume for Halloween doesn't have to be just for kids. There's no reason for the fun of Halloween to stop just because you grew up. Adults can put on a Halloween costume to take their kids trick or treating or hand out candy themselves to the treat or treaters that ring the doorbell. Grownups can attend or even host an awesome Halloween party or enter an [...]
Lady Gaga Costume
  Lady Gaga has taken pop culture by storm with her crazy outfits, including huge hair, bizarre accessories and wild shoes. She looks like she is celebrating Halloween every day, so it's no wonder the Lady Gaga costume has become so common for kids and adults alike. Dressing up as Lady Gaga for Halloween is fun and easy. The Basics of a Lady Gaga costume Hair and Makeup: The first thing [...]
Mad Hatter Costume
A Mad Hatter costume is a fun and creative way to enjoy Halloween. The Mad Hatter is a unique and slightly crazy character from Alice in Wonderland. While he is traditionally a male character, girls and women can channel his wackiness and style just as easily. The Mad Hatter is a great costume for an individual or can be part of a group theme with other Alice in Wonderland characters. Click Here [...]
Mermaid Costume
A mermaid costume is a fun and glamorous choice for a Halloween costume. Women and girls of all ages will enjoy taking a trip into the fantasy world of a mermaid. There are many different variations of mermaid costumes available. A mermaid costume can be sweet and innocent, sexy and revealing or fall anywhere in between the two extremes. Click Here for COMPLETE DETAILS ON MERMAID COSTUMES The basic [...]
Minnie Mouse Costume
  Click Me A popular Halloween costume choice for little girls is a Minnie Mouse costume. Minnie Mouse is, of course, the female counterpart to Mickey Mouse, of Disney fame. Mickey and Minnie are the world’s two most famous and recognizable mice. Minnie Mouse is sweet, cute and fun. Girls of all ages can dress in Minnie Mouse costumes for Halloween. Click Here for COMPLETE DETAILS ON MINNIE [...]
Ninja Costume
Click Me A ninja costume is a unique and fun costume choice for Halloween for any age. Males and females can both enjoy dressing as a ninja for Halloween. The costume is an easily recognizable look, but unique enough that the wearer won't get lost in a sea of other ninja costumes. There are many different variations of the ninja costume. A wide assortment of accessories and props allows the ninja costume [...]
Peacock Costume
A peacock costume is a fun Halloween option for those who like to stand out in a crowd.   Peacock costume basics Clothing: Blue, green and purple are the key colors for a peacock costume. Shiny, glittery and / or sparkling materials make it extra special. This effect can be achieved with gemstones, sequins and beading. Blue tights or leggings are a good wardrobe staple for a peacock costume. Shoes: [...]
Poison Ivy Costume
A Poison Ivy costume is a fun way to dress up for Halloween. Poison Ivy is a female villain in the Batman series and has been featured in the comic book, cartoons, video games, television series and movies. She is an instantly recognizable character, but isn't an extremely popular choice for a Halloween costume. This means you won't have to worry about seeing a dozen other people dressed in a Poison [...]
Spiderman Costume
Click Me  Spiderman is a Marvel comics crime fighting hero. In addition to the comic books, he has been featured in video games, movies, television, cartoons, storybooks, novels and more over the last several decades. Spiderman is an instantly recognized costume choice and many different Spiderman costume variations are available.  Click Here for COMPLETE DETAILS ON SPIDERMAN COSTUMES     Spiderman [...]
Stormtrooper Costume
Click Me A Stormtrooper costume is a great choice for any Star Wars fan. Stormtrooper are elite soldiers of the Emperor and are a huge part of the Star Wars universe. Generations of fans have watched Stormtroopers guard the interests of the Emperor in movies, cartoons, comic books, novels, storybooks, video games and television for generations. Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the Star Wars [...]
Tinkerbell Costume
  A Tinker Bell costume is a classic Halloween costume choice for little girls. Tink is strong, sassy, adorable, sweet and whimsical. Girls of all ages will enjoy dressing up as her for Halloween. Basics of a Tinkerbell costume: Tinkerbell has been the star of several feature movies in recent years so there are a couple of different variations of Tinkerbell costumes to choose from. This allows for [...]
Wonder Woman Costume
Click Me Very few outfits make women feel as empowered as a Wonder Woman costume. She has been a hero to many little girls for decades. The boys have Spider Man, Super Man, Batman, Iron Man and so many other super heroes, while girls have always been mostly limited to Barbie dolls. Wonder Woman is a strong, independent alternative to Barbie and her dream house and elaborate weddings to Ken. Wonder [...]
Captain America Costume
A Captain America costume is a great choice for any comic book fan. Captain America has been a character in the Marvel comic book empire since 1941. Generations of fans have watched Captain America and his pals fight evil in movies, cartoons, comic books, graphic novels, storybooks, video games and television for generations. Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the Marvel comic book franchise [...]
Batman Costume
Click Me A classic choice for Halloween for boys of all ages is a Batman costume. Batman is one of the most famous comic book heroes. He has also been featured on a television series, cartoons and several movies. Anyone in a Batman costume will be instantly recognizable. Click Here for COMPLETE DETAILS ON BATMAN COSTUMES Batman costume basics: There are many different varieties of Batman costumes. [...]
Pirate Costume
Click Me The pirate costume is one of the most popular Halloween costumes of all time. Kids who spend their days pretending to be swashbucklers on the seven seas and taking in every detail of pirate movies revel in the one night a year they can traipse through the streets with a sword in hand and a parrot on their shoulder. And adults aren't immune to the charm of pirates either - how else would you [...]
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